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Published On: Fri, Aug 2nd, 2019

THE SEX FILES: We Talk with Adult Performer Musa Libertina

Spanish MILF porn beauty Musa Libertina has her hands (and just about everything else) into a lot of adult-themed projects. She produces extremely hot XXX scenes, performs on her webcam, works as a pro dom, and generally shows her fans all that they want to see and more. This powerhouse porn performer was kind enough to take some time to answer my questions all the way from her home in Spain.

Are there marketable difference in what you find from the porn produced in your country in comparison to what you see American adult stars producing?

There are not many differences, but perhaps, in Europe, there are many more porn producers who dare to bet on a type of scene with more natural actresses, women who look similar to the women you can find on the street, like myself. I refer here to women with “normal” and deliciously “imperfect” bodies, without so many cosmetic surgery operations and silicone implants.

What are your favorite kinds of scenes to shoot, and what do you absolutely not do?

My fans seem to like seeing a grandmother like me enjoying sex with boys and girls much younger than me. Personally, I really like to make scenes with BDSM games, as a pro dominatrix for many years I am very excited to be dominant in sex. I also confess that I like to shoot scenes with women more than men. I’m really bisexual, and working with women in a porn scene is much easier than with guys. What I would never do, would be scatological scenes.

Are there any kinds of scenes you seem to be asked for more frequently these days?

Perhaps lately MILF/GILF have become more fashionable…luckily for me! There also seems to be a demand for harder scenes…group sex, double and triple anal penetrations, sexual acrobatics of all kinds, and more BDSM. More and more, porn moves away from the reality of what is a “realistic” and “normal” sexual encounter between two people and tends more to capture the fantasies and perversions of human beings. The problem with this though is that many teenagers look at porn for a way to learn about sexuality that their parents do not explain to them or what they fail to get at school. And then the problems begin, when a young teenager who consumes hours of porn comes to believe that tying and fucking a girl among five of his friends is the “normal” thing that all the girls look for.

Can you tell us a bit about your background, how you got into adult content?

I was already a little famous before entering the porn industry organizing events, gangbangs and orgies, in swingers’ clubs in my city, Barcelona (Spain). And as always, I have been an exhibitionist; I took nude photos in my house, in public places, etc. and published them on forums and websites with a swinger theme on the Internet. The small group of fans I had saw I had the requirements to be a porn star—an absolute lack of modesty and getting exciting by showing myself off publicly—and the many guys who followed my crazy sexual adventures on the Internet wrote me messages asking where they could watch or buy my videos. I replied that I did not have sex videos, that I was not a porn actress! But my partner said: “Honey, why don’t we buy a video camera and I’ll record you doing the perversions that you like?” And that’s how it all began. Recording home videos with my partner and publishing them on websites selling amateur videos. Then, with the passage of time, the subject became more serious and we became professional. I started shooting professional scenes with producers.

How often do you shoot scenes and get them up on your site?

We shoot our own scenes when we have time and actors willing to act on them. There is no fixed rhythm or method. I engage in many other activities besides acting in porn scenes. I’m a webcammer. I’m a professional Dominatrix. I take sexual calls on my telephone hotline. Sometimes it seems like I do not have time for all that and also be with my family and my partner.

In your opinion, has the net been good or bad for porn?

I think it will be very funny that my fans can fuck me virtually. They already try it in reality, but they cannot! Jajaja!

What’s coming up in the near future for you?

Well I do not dare to answer that. Life goes around a lot and is unpredictable. I am content to keep shooting the porn that I like and be able to make money with it. My fans can keep up with me at &

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THE SEX FILES: We Talk with Adult Performer Musa Libertina