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Published On: Mon, Sep 9th, 2019

Bus Stop Poets and the Lafayettes: Leave it to the Kids

Bus Stop Poets and The Lafayettes
Leave it to the Kids
(Juniper Surfer Records)

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The roiling acoustic and lifting harmonies of “You Won’t Miss Me (Here)” kicks us off to Bus Stop Poets Leave it to the Kids, their latest LP. This Detroit 4-piece has a very good handle on melody and layering their production while keeping their acoustic sensibilities well in hand.

“Blow,” the third tune in, slips and shunks with a good tight groove, once again showcasing some neat acoustic guitar playing by John Mabilia, and as seems to always be the case here, fantastic vocal harmonies from every member of the band. I like how this one is slightly darker in tone than the two that kicked off the album, and the retard of the vocal ‘Oh’s” are perfect.

Things get electric rockin’ on the title track, about halfway in, it’s a welcome bright walk of guitar jangle and wild flights of vocal. Johnny Edick’s bass is especially fun here. And “Tracker Song,” mines more upbeat fun, here with slide and a country flavor, with some silliness with the harmonies and the lyric.

Rounding out this whole concoction “You Won’t Miss Me (There)” ends led by a mandolin sound and the band’s sweet harmonies once again; Cindee Lish’s vocals here especially standing out over the top.

The remaining member of the band, drummer Randy Nelson does a very good job at keeping things in the pocket, playing just what’s needed in all the rich studied vocal and acoustic interplay. Bus Stop Poets certainly have what they do down.

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Bus Stop Poets and the Lafayettes: Leave it to the Kids