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Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2019

Tanya Gallagher: One Hand On My Heart

Tanya Gallagher
One Hand On My Heart
(Head Above Water)

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The snappy lead single, “Dark Side,” kicks off Tanya Gallagher’s new EP One Hand On My Heart. There is a fun running fast-to-catch-up to the kinetic lyric delivery and flicky acoustic, organ, snare interplay here that makes for a neat opening brew. The very effective, “Barren Land,” two songs in, really showcases Gallagher’s unique laconic pleading. It happens to be the first of the real standouts here, with its wonderful stark production allowing for the true heartache of the vocal breath and dignity. As is true throughout One Hand On My Heart the harmony vocals here are just perfectly placed.

Gallagher gets really sexy on “Mistake,” again with the snapping snare pushing us along. I like a cautionary love song mixed with obvious need coming from you-know-where. Empowered woman, indeed! “Dolphin in the Snow” is musically the most unlike any of the others of this half dozen. It’s got a cute groove with cool organ droplets and again some spectacular harmony.

“Magic,” ends the EP, with a low organ/snare opening and maybe Gallagher’s best vocal performance of all these tunes. There’s a sweetness to this one we haven’t heard in the five before it, a true vulnerability Gallagher reveals, that nearly brings a tear to the eye. The organ playing here is as masterful as Gallagher’s vocals.

I’d venture that Tanya Gallagher has more than just one hand on her heart on One Hand On My Heart as she gives forth some true emotional gems on this new EP.

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Tanya Gallagher: One Hand On My Heart