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Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2020

Celebrate the 14th with VOULEZ-VOUS? ENCORE!’s reminaged Moulin Rouge-themed Event.

Photo credit: Clay Burch

Nobody said this Valentine Day celebrating was going to be easy…in fact, as the years go by, I find it a real drag. Each year couples slog through overpriced ‘fixed’ menu options, try to manage a drink and a snog at some crowded trendy watering hole, await lingerie or toys to come in the mail hoping to make the 14th special. I offer that it’s not our fault when things go awry as they often do for us all trying too hard on Valentine’s (just buying flowers and candy can run you into big bucks!), this year, though, I think I very well may have found the best alternative to get your blood pumping and put a smile on the face of your lover.

On Friday, February 14, at the 3 Dollar Bill club in Brooklyn VOULEZ-VOUS? ENCORE! presents a decked-to-the balls Belle Époque-inspired fashion-and-dance night, bringing you the famous and luxurious Moulin Rouge. Reimagined by designers Rodrigo Martinez (OKLAHOMA!), and Attilio Rigotti and Andrew Diamond, this VOULEZ-VOUS? ENCORE! is part of Retro Factory, an LGBTQ+ immersive Party Series produced by Theatre C, in partnership with Queer Queens.

With Carlos Falu (Steven Spielberg’s WEST SIDE STORY) choreographing flash-mob style dance numbers alongside some of New York’s most prominent queer voices/influencers including Glow Job, Domenic Mykel and Thee Suburbiathis immersive theatrical tribute to a bygone time and place is sure to have you enjoy your 14th like never before. I spoke with Glow Job (real name Zach) and Carlos Armesto (the producing Artistic Director of Theatre C) about what one might taste, feel, and see at the event. They assured me, in the most passionate of ways (I loved these guys, they are so into this event and what they do) that this hybrid theatrical experience not only blurs the line between disciplines and cultures, but it champions all expression in a sex-positive safe space.

What I learned from these so mad men (‘mad’ for what they are presenting) I spoke to was that this Valentine’s celebration is as much about the space and all the talents they provide (singers, performers, dancers and DJ’s) as what the audience brings to the night. Akin to recent experiences like Sleep No More (but with even more happening, it seems) audiences will come upon rooms, experiences, flash dance moments and lots of naughty, sex-positive fun as the night progresses. It’s undoubtedly a ‘what-you-put-into-it-you’ll-get-out-of-it, one-of-a-kind erotic treat-feast.

Carlos spoke to the improvisatory nature the event’s performers need to bring to this evening, while Glow assured me that what will be on offer for this Valentine’s Day is another in the significant happenings happening in and around our city championing all kinds of people seeking the freedom of all sorts of sexual expression.

I’d say, you owe yourself this particular fun 14th. Doors opening into rooms that you did not realize were there a moment before they reveal themselves. Performers in various stages of dress, cavorting around and with you. Great music pouring through every nook and cranny of a space just aching to host this kind of a turn-back-the-centuries night, and so many people expressing themselves with like-minded revelers; how could you miss this night!

3 Dollar Bill is located at 260 Meserole Street Brooklyn, NY 11206 The doors for this event open at 9:30 PM on the 14th, Admission ranges from $15–$100 online $45 at the door and to purchase tickets visit

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Celebrate the 14th with VOULEZ-VOUS? ENCORE!’s reminaged Moulin Rouge-themed Event.