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Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020

THE SEX FILES: Fun Because Of COVID-19

Photo credit: Ralph Greco

So, how are you faring during the current ‘crisis?’ As you’d expect, all of us here are hoping you are healthy, staying safe…and washing your hands. If anything, maybe all this ‘social distancing’ will give us all that we have most wanted for this past decade of training; complete freedom from ever having to come in contact with each other ever again.

Fingers crossed.

I thought it might be fun to see what interesting, current results of a sexual nature have been rising because of COVID-19.

As we are all probably aware of, the famous Las Vegas ‘Strip’ is shut down. All you have to do is spin round the net, and you will find a whole bunch of creepy pictures of what Sin City’s most famous spot looks like with no people or cars. But even in the face of the shut-down, the show (and a sexy show at that) must go on. But despite the state’s Gov. Steve Sisolak’s proclamation, the Little Darlings strip club is offering drive-through strip shows. Guests will drive up to the front door of L.D. to see dancers separated by the mandatory 6-feet, sit in their front seat, and enjoying an all-nude 10-minute drive-up show at the cost of $100.00 (tips encouraged). Little Darlings, which has been in business nearly three-decades, enjoys sold-out crowds every night. In keeping with CDC protocols early on, they recently gave out free hand sanitizers to customers, and this weekend, along with the drive-through shows they are upping-the-ante by holding a nude triple-X hand sanitizer wrestling featuring 20 gallons of the stuff, as well as offering hand sanitizing stations throughout the club.

Certainly, an institution that has made its name from nude women (although I have always read it for the articles) Playboy Magazine just announced that it is suspending production of its print edition in the face of our global pandemic. The Coronavirus might just be the ‘out’ the magazine needs. Three years ago, the home of the infamous bunny, took its monthly print publishing to bi-monthly, then quarterly just last year. The magazine also went from displaying no more nudes (for a bit) then back to showing them.

The Spring 2020 issue will be the last printed Playboy magazine for the year. Playboy will continue to be published digitally (the Spring issue is already up/out in that format), and nobody has yet confirmed what will happen to the future of print magazines for the brand past this last-of-the-year Spring issue.

Seeing as we will be denied some of our favorite sports during the crisis, Mr. Skin has taken it upon themselves to initiate their own March Madness Tournament with their ‘Whack-It Bracket XXX’ Challenge Featuring 64 GIFs with some of the best real sex pulled from the deepest nooks and crannies of its expansive website, competitors are divided into four ‘regions’—Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary, and Weird & Wild—with fans voting for their favorites in tournament-style meet-ups. One winner will stand from every vote that marks an entry to win a 55” Samsung 4K T.V. This is the site’s 2nd ‘Whack-It Bracket XXX’ competition.

Go to to see more.

As you see, the naughty world has not lost its sense of fun, and we do hope Playboy sticks around. Stay healthy, everybody!

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THE SEX FILES: Fun Because Of COVID-19