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Published On: Fri, Apr 3rd, 2020

#Bloomerangs: Moments and Fragments

Moments and Fragments
(Instru Dash Mental)

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We get into the slow cool low blues of “Home,” opening #Bloomerangs’ new LP, Moments and Fragments. It sets a mood for what turns out to be great players playing pretty great songs, of all kinds of jazz. Pretty much from the get-go, it’s apparent that this collective-of-a-band—Chris Parker on drums, Rodrigo Cotelo on guitars (the co-producer here) Stefan Lenthe on bass and Clay Wulbrecht on the piano-are spot on.

“Leaps and Bounces,” does just that with its jumpy effected guitar, running bass, wild drums and piano. This one really gives piano and guitar both moments of clean solos. At the two-minute mark, Cotelo actually surprised me with some slow color chords, which took the song to a whole other place beyond just solo moments.

“Catch a Clue,” begins with hand clasps and runs into another kinetic swirl (these guys do like to play fast). Piano lines, drum toms and guitar mix it up here for a real free-form jazz big upright bass-backed mélange. I feel Lenthe has the most fun here, but overall the players get to masturbate (in the best sense possible) across this balls-to-the-wall workout.

Songs like the sly piano bass line of modern jazz noodle “S Mitchell St,” (again showcasing some crazy Parker drumming), the crazy overdriven runs of bee-bopping “Change Of Pace,” with Cotelo coming across as a true standout guitar wailer, and ender “That Sums it Up,” one of the best melodies here for me, round out the album as a standout jazz piece.

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#Bloomerangs: Moments and Fragments