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Published On: Wed, May 6th, 2020

Epic Tantrum: Abandoned In the Stranger’s Room

Epic Tantrum
Abandoned In the Stranger’s Room
(ET Productions)

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Epic Tantrum’s debut, Abandoned In the Stranger’s Room, is a double-disc offering. The first part of the album, ‘Abandoned,’ features studio recordings of previously unreleased material, with the second part, ‘The Stranger’s Room,’ featuring live versions of songs from Abandoned, as well as tunes that have appeared on previously released demos.

This heavy, at times, ‘proggy,’ at times even slightly poppy band of Peter on guitar, Paul singing and playing guitar, bassist Greg (who also sings) and brilliant kinetic drummer Z, have a lot to offer here. From the scary sounds that open “Don’t Bother,” to “Untold,” with its talky-vocal and floaty melody chorus (this one especially has some great lead playing and acoustic touches) to the staccato drums and heavy riffing (these guys are very good at setting solid rifle-shot riffs) of “Outside The Wire,” and even the quick instrumental led by some sly bass walking from Greg on “Into The Clutch,” to the sublime title track with its slide guitar, cool effected piano and the poppy chorus sensibility mentioned up above, Epic Tantrum do seem to manage well through a whole bunch of different styles.

None other than Mike Portnoy (songwriter/drummer/backing vocalist for supergroups like The Winery Dogs, and Sons of Apollo as well as the co-founder of Dream Theater) said of this quartet that they are “A perfect blend of prog and metal.” I’d offer that yes, here on Abandoned In the Stranger’s Room, Epic Tantrum do mix the styles well, but they also add in a whole lot more; great playing, tight songwriting, and what seems like a wild abandon to rock hard.

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Epic Tantrum: Abandoned In the Stranger’s Room