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Published On: Wed, Sep 9th, 2020

Chris Ianuzzi: Planeteria

Chris Ianuzzi
(Satellite Symphonics)

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New York composer/songwriter Chris Ianuzzi sets us up on an intergalactic trip with his new album Planeteria.

The title track gets us out and among the stars quickly with its low synth spread and twinkling breathy sounds. At just about the two-minute mark, a drum machine starts, and we are off flying through space, with more spacey sounds settling by and a kinetic arpeggio of keys. I like the big statement of keyboard melody that comes at us, brief as it is, at the very end of this song.

Things are bleating-to-be-born on the scary “Transit.” Lots of wiggles of fits and starts of rubbing here with low plucked sounds in the mix. We get percussion rumbling through, and the song picks up speed (as well as meaning I feel) with the hand-clappy background and the twinkles. Introducing the same sweet melody phrase now and again and employing an arpeggio that threatens to overtake the whole tune keeps one on edge. Yes, there seems to be lots of stuff in transit here.

The low growl synth and some screeching of what could be almost-guitar feedback sails in the background of “Fork,” where again, sounds rise to be born. What I like about Ianuzzi’s compositions is just when one instrument is about to overtake another, he cuts back and regroups…starts the assault anew with this arpeggio battle. “Fork” is one of the best here.

“Wilder,” ends Planeteria. It employs all of the tropes of this album; weird beats you can almost tap your toes to, melodies trying to be heard, plinks, and swashes. It’s a good way to come back from the far reaches of where songwriter Chris Ianuzzi takes us on Planeteria.

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Chris Ianuzzi: Planeteria