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Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2020

Eric H. F. Law: Better Angels 

Eric H. F. Law
Better Angels
(Grace Margin Music)

Inspired by Peter, Paul, and Mary’s albums, Eric H. F. Law has been writing songs since the age of 14 about his immigrant experience in New York City. On his new Better Angels album, the folk singer/songwriter uses catchy melodies, subtle production, and meditative lyrical content to reflect on his current life.

The slow “Don’t Be Afraid” with its big beat and single-note organ slips in first. Setting up the mood for Law’s laid-back approach, his unusual but effective slight-warble-of-voice, expert guitar leading from Dan Cole, and the simple solid bass of Dan Lutz grabs us hard to come inside these seven songs.

“Vicious Circle,” the second tune, is even slower, featuring Lutz’s subtlety again and sweet pedal steel from Max Hart. This is not the only time we will hear Hart’s wonderful touch on this instrument.

The title track once again showcases the production of Law’s musicians in a slightly Van Morrison-like vibe; once again, Hart’s pedal steel brings rich color to the proceedings, while “Out of the Closet” moves along at real speed, revealing a witty lyric and Steve Hass snapping his snare to a pretty cool popping beat. This is, for me, the best mover-groover on all of Better Angels.

The angelic “Fill Me with Your Spirit” ends the ride, a wonderful mix of both Dan Cole’s guitar and Hart’s steel once again soaring above. There’s a sweet and nice long intro to this one before Law delivers his best vocal of all the tunes here.

You can find more info on Eric H. F. Law’s album Better Angels and purchase it through his website.

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Eric H. F. Law: Better Angels