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Published On: Wed, Mar 10th, 2021

Nonviolenze: Ghosts of War

Ghosts of War
(Ahimsa Creations LLC)

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The twinkly flicked guitar and a fantastic vocal from Nonviolenze (which is the solo musical moniker of Houston, TX singer-songwriter Shri Baratan) of “Queen” opens the 9-song Ghosts of War. “Tree” is even more lilting…and beautiful. The lyric here is undoubtedly a little ethereal, but it fits with Shri’s three-octave warble and his at times, aggressive, at times, soft folky approach. This second tune has a smidgen more production behind it, as Baratan begins to sprinkle in sound effects and little atmospheric production moments along the way.

We get the requisite sound of gunfire beginning “Ghosts of War,” featuring what might be one of the best vocals here (I like it best when Baratan is not trying to prove his range and just sings). I love the funky electric guitar of “Von Gogh,” and the voice effects, while the title track, once again reveals some opening sound effects, then we are into another tune where Baratan finds the tops and bottoms of his range. This one might tend to be a bit too wordy for the space Baratan allows, more a talking lament, but the guitar playing is top-notch. I especially like when things get a bit rockin’ mid-way.

“Last Thought” is indeed the last thought on Mirror. Starting with a clicking clock and featuring what, for me, is Baratan’s best guitar playing here, I think I would have enjoyed an instrumental from the man; he does indeed play that well.

Ghosts of War from Nonviolenze is a solid singer-songwriter effort from Nonviolenze/Shri Baratan, a man with something to say.

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Nonviolenze: Ghosts of War