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Published On: Mon, Mar 22nd, 2021

Dizmation: Sea Area Forecast

Sea Area Forecast

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Dublin-based music producer/songwriter/and visual artist Dizmation reveals his mostly home-made new full-length album Sea Area Forecast. Be you into some DIY sadness, here is the 11-song album for you.

Opening with “One More Time With Feeling,” we get an all-too-claustrophobic drum machine beat but some great guitar bending. The odd machine percussion set-up works better for me on the third tune in, “Oh The Beauty,” as does Dizmation’s use of his limited range. The swirling strings add the perfect sad touch.

“In Arcadia” is perfectly guitar-noisy and overdriven, and Dizmation manages the same on the punky “Dodgy Connector.” Both of these present solid vocals, quite different from one another, actually, but some of the best singing among hard rocking tracks, here.

The piano arpeggio of “Halcyon Then Gone” really hits this one tune out of the park. This is a pretty heart-wrenching tune on an album with lots of heart-wrenching.

“Take It Away” offers strumming acoustic, low strings, twinkling guitar elements, and what might be the lushest and most realized production here. Without the off-putting machine-led percussion, one finally gets to hear Dizmation’s solid proficiency with song construction.

Machines lead “Humanizer,” with arpeggiating high-tuned percussion sounds, wacky shaking synth single note melody, and a drum machine beat. It’s a decent little instrumental (until the very end) that brings us to the last song, the piano ballad, “Sight For Sore Eyes.”

There’s lots to like here on Sea Area Forecast. The weather is pretty solid with good sounds.

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Dizmation: Sea Area Forecast