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Published On: Fri, Mar 26th, 2021

Delusive Relics: The Blind Owl 

Delusive Relics
The Blind Owl
(DO IT Records)

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Digging deep into their Iranian roots here, Farhood Nik and Anis Oveisi, known as the Delusive Relics duo, give us an 8-song concept album based on the 100-year-old classic novel Blind Owl by Sadeq Hedayat.

Piano, soft vocals from Farhood, and as much some running drum machine as violin sounds open us here on “Writing For My Shadow.” “Woman In Black,” which follows, has a more ‘updated’ sound, from the wild drum beats to the Prince-sounding keys. This one gets things up and running, with some well-rendered harmony vocals and layering of arpeggiating keys, something we will often hear here. I like how things build organically on this second one, bringing us into a real danceable warning-of-a-tune.

For me, it’s the duo’s use of lots of piano across these eight that tickled my ear. On songs like “Glazed Jar,” where we also get a soft beat, string synths, and solid vocal or the quick trilling of “Shade Of Owl,” D.R. keep things locked in the pocket of using some simple piano playing to counter drum machines and blippy sounds, like they have pushing “Trial By Serpent,” (this one has some very sexy female vocals informing the chorus).

“Becoming Old Man Dealer,” is as commercial a tune as any we get here with its keys, piano, low synth and another emotional vocal from Anis, a perfect ending to the complete world of The Blind Owl.

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Delusive Relics: The Blind Owl