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Published On: Wed, Mar 31st, 2021

Apache Rose: Attention!

Apache Rose
(Apache Rose Music)

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Mining 70’s grooves, solid harmonies, and good old rock and roll songwriting and playing, Moscow’s up and coming Apache Rose really delivers on their new full-length album Attention!

“Easy” opens and certainly is an easy-to-take rocker with a solid sing-able chorus (as most choruses here are) wailing guitar from Vladimir Kornienko, a minimalist verse vibe, and just solid rockin’. “Tiny Love” finds strong basslines pushing things along as once again Ilya Novokhatskiy teases and taunts with what turns out to be quite a unique voice that cuts through perfectly. And “Backdoor Man” is simply fantastic, from lyric to commercial shouted lyric, to wailing break, this song is the best of the early tunes on Attention!

We get really into some funk on the slower “Hit me.” Rimshots, sly groovy guitar, organ, and Novokhatskiy at his sexiest singing; this is another little gem. It’s perfectly placed nearly dead center of the ten here and reveals the nuances of which this group is capable. “Blind Spot” is loud and nasty with a stomping machine-like backing, at first, then gets slower, with a nearly South Sea’s island-sounding guitar strumming; the schizophrenia works perfectly. And then the album’s title track has a cool bass-driven verse with a wild overdriven chorus.

“Some Kind Of Love,” sets up a positively big 70’s groove, with a sweeping melody. It’s just the perfect capper, with high-flying harmonies, an ideal MOR soundscape ender to what is genuinely a superb fun, groovy, rockin’ album from Apache Rose.

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Apache Rose: Attention!