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Published On: Wed, Jun 30th, 2021

Patrick Ames: The Virtualistics

Patrick Ames
The Virtualistics
(Patrick Ames)

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Patrick Ames set himself up with an interesting challenge, certainly informed by our times, for The Virtualistics. Ames writing the eight songs here, saw a good portion of his collaboration with producer Jon Ireson and backup singers Chana Matthews and Mikaela Matthews, come virtually.

Beginning with the snappy “Help People Up,” based on high-tuned percussion, popping bass, and a great harmony mix, this one is an ‘out-the-box’ obvious cry to better the world in these unique times.“Rubber and Glue” mines a sly cool vibe, again informed by some great vocal mixing and, here specifically, some sly guitar noodling. While “Great Bunch of Molecules” slows things down just about when we need it. The lyric is a read on the human condition, and I like how this one stretches out and takes its time. Ames’ Lou Reed delivery just adds the icing on the cake.

We get some suffer punk on “Songwriter’s Block,” with a floating delivery of the lyric conveying the central idea of every writer’s biggest fear. “You Make Me Scream” works off a prominent guitar riff and jumpy snare. It’s a naughty little tune with one lover calling to another.

“Reawakened 2020” ends, with its big heavy bass beat, and shaky high percussion. It’s no surprise that we are back to the central lyrical idea, as most of The Virtualistics addresses the pandemic in some way. This last track is the most fully realized tune here, and it rocks the album to a solid definite conclusion.

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Patrick Ames: The Virtualistics