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Published On: Fri, Feb 25th, 2022

Sines: A Series of Moments

A Series of Moments

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Synth-Pop/disco artist and producer Sines delivers dance beats and melodic passages on his latest album A Series of Moments.

Starting these 14 tracks off with a high female warble voice and the heavy beat of “Something In The Way,” into the low bass plodding and snap hits of “Powerless,” the vocal enunciating being better on the latter (and easier to take) with the lower tuned hits and much more sparse production, we get on our way.

“Mechanical,” presents over-the-top metallic-sounding keys and a desperate female vocal. I like this one, especially the big open space of the production. The higher vocal warble, once again, takes me out of things a bit, coming about halfway, but it’s still a great song.

“Pretty Boy” is built on a consistent bass drum snap and sexy near breathy vocal. The ache the narrator is filled with translates well, the addition of little floaty key lines adding to her desperation.

The instrumental “Die,” reminds me of Tangerine Dreams’ darker arpeggiated soundscapes; I really like it, classic rock guy that I am. And while the tight little drum sounds and washing weird synths under a cutesy Kate Bush-like vocal begin the kinetic and claustrophobic, “Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist,” it’s the songs choruses that blast you out into the stratosphere. This one is my favorite of Sines’ moments, pushing the idea that the here and now is what is so vitally important. I couldn’t agree more.

The album ends on the truly squiggly/blurping “Iva.” That high warble-of-a-vocal actually works on this one in a post-Blondie way. It’s a great way to end a pretty great and smart album of danceable tunes.

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Sines: A Series of Moments