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Published On: Fri, Nov 18th, 2022

Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Singles

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
(BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd)

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Ah, sweet, missed, all but dead, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. There is no band I love more. And while not a fan of their singles (most prog bands are not really known for singles), in this Singles boxset, we get 12 7” vinyl discs, all different colors from one another, representing actual ELP singles or edited versions of longer tunes made into them. The music here is remastered from UK and International singles released during the band’s life, songs cut across the ELP spectrum, from their eponymous first album through to their ‘comeback,’ 1992’s Black Moon. 

As a music fan, it’s hard for me to render an unbiased opinion about my favorite band, but the remaster on all of these songs is top-notch, especially benefiting the vocals of Greg Lake best, I feel. And while some of these ‘edits’ do the longer, album versions of these tunes a disservice. Although surprisingly, the single edit of “Fanfare For The Common Man,” matched with the “Brain Salad Surgery single (which did not appear on the famous ELP album of the same name) was always something I liked in this under 3-minute version as the album’s 9+ one.

Included in the Singles hard-shell case are rare original picture sleeves and label artwork, a booklet of photos, complete with a foreword by Carl Palmer, 12×7’’ and companion “art cards.” With the array of great music here, these Singles might just be the best way for someone unfamiliar with Emerson, Lake, and Palmer to get acquainted with the band. It certainly is a treat for us die-hard fans.

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Singles