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Published On: Sat, Mar 13th, 2010

Where to Find Cigar Deals

The first time I smoked a cigar I was in London and got my hands on a Cuban, it was a Cohiba and I walked around the city coughing my brains out till I figured out how to smoke the thing correctly. The key is inhaling into your mouth and not swallowing the smoke. It’s too thick to do so, which is why I couldn’t stop coughing. Nowadays I don’t smoke too often, but when I want to relax a bit I pick up a cigar go for a walk. I’m not condoning smoking in any way, but for me, once in a while a nice cigar hits the spot. I was doing some searching online for cigars and came across Famous Smoke-Shop. They not only sell a huge variety of cigars from around the world, they also have a Cigar Auction to bid Ebay style on rare brands, and even a CigarMonster iPhone App that shows all the sites current deals. Whether you’re a cigar aficionado or have an interest in trying something new, the site offers cigars, humidors, accessories, and more. –DaVe Lipp

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Where to Find Cigar Deals