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Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2012

Angry Birds Tangible Wooden Controller

Angry Birds has been downloaded on smartphones around the world over 50 million times. It’s launched a franchise of children’s toys, appeal, and even a movie.

Just when you thought these airborne animals couldn’t get any better. It would behoove you to think again.

The phenomenon escalates, as students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz, bring us Super Angry Birds. They have created a tangible wooden controller that will enhance game play.

Essentially, two units connected to a computer via USB, serve as a remote control. The slingshot can be focused up or down and its powered slider allows you to chuck the birds in the same way as your mobile device permits. A small box labeled TNT is used to activate the unique power of the bird.

On Spitz’s personal blog he revealed that the young duo are currently discussing the logistics of producing and distributing the gadget, Rovio Entertainment. Stay tuned for news on when you can get your paws on this commodity.

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Angry Birds Tangible Wooden Controller