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Published On: Mon, Jun 30th, 2014

More Pads, Less Phones

More Pads, Less Phones

When it comes to gaming size tends to matter, either from the gun you wield in a shooter, to the length of your sword in an RPG or the size of your engine in a racing game. What it all boils down to, the bigger something is the better.

When it comes to gaming technology and playing on smart devices, what matters most of all is screen size.

Bigger screen size means more pixels on the screen, so you not only get better graphics, you also get a bigger control interface, which is a godsend for those of us afflicted with the curse of ham fistedness.

But it’s not just a slicker control scheme and sparkly textures, when it comes to playing something like a tablet bingo game; a bigger screen adds this nice feeling of immersion. Instead of squinting in frustration at a phone screen, you can instead gleefully tappity-tap away on your tablet device at home. If you’re looking for a good bingo game to try out, check out

You could set up a table in your house and pretend you’re at a bingo hall, then gather some friends and have a friendly competition with your bingo accounts and a few bottles of wine.

There are other games outside of bingo that benefit from having a bigger screen to play around with, because by using a tablet you can create a genuine casino feeling when you play Roulette on your tablet device. Plus throw in a few creative flairs of room lighting and ambience and you’ve got yourself a private casino suite.

Just imagine it, sitting in a dimly lit room dressed in a suit and shirt for added immersion if you like. Relaxing jazz music serenades you in the background setting the smooth and super cool tone, your tablet displaying a large roulette screen in front of you, all creating this brilliant immersive feeling that you’re at your own private table.

You’re a high roller in your own house, in a casino only you can play at.

So next time you want to game on the go, don’t shill out for playing on one of countless smart phone devices, demand the best, demand bigger, go for a tablet.

Cast aside the misconceptions that tablets are for suckers, show your friends and family that you’re no fool when it comes to gaming, show off that tablet with pride as you game away in your own fantastic little casino experience.

An experience that your friends and family might find themselves wanting to join in on, because that’s tablets for you, they bring everyone together while providing a fantastic format to game on.

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More Pads, Less Phones