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Published On: Wed, Sep 10th, 2014

Casino Party Rentals Becoming All the Rage in LA

Casino Gaming

Nothing goes quite as well with the LA crowd than an evening of casino gaming


The City of Angels is known the world over as a veritable hub for all things related to entertainment. Leading the world in the creation of movies, video games, TV shows, and music, L.A.’s become the place to be for a good time. With the city being populated by stars – both successful and frustrated – it has to be equipped with the latest and the greatest, and recently, we’ve seen casino party rentals become more popular.

According to, roughly one quarter of the U.S. population visits a casino at least once a year. The rising popularity of online gambling has also enticed more people to begin looking into gambling as a good pastime. Beginning with the launch of Intercasino in 1996, online gambling has continued to evolve into a favorite of people around the world, with Forbes even declaring 2014 to be the time for online gaming, thanks to many states in the country now legalizing it. Millions of people have developed a taste for casino gaming, and L.A.’s beautiful men and women are no exception, with many making trips to Vegas regularly.

Event organizers have, however, found a way to bring Vegas-style gaming to L.A. with casino party nights, saving people the long flights out. The biggest names in the entertainment industry have embraced casino parties as the next best thing, with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment even playing host to this year’s Casino Night in their back lot. A huge variety of companies have been built offering to set up mobile casinos, no matter what the event, and the services don’t just include renting out tables, but also experienced dealers who are used to dealing with high-profile clients and customers.

Of course, many of these casino parties also pay respect to those who don’t have a knack for gambling, and instead, they’re thrown with live entertainment from local bands as accompaniment. Many casino parties are also held with food trucks and an open bar to make sure that guests get the most out of the parties, whether they’re fans of gambling or not.

L.A. is certainly continuing to lead the pack when it comes to the kind of entertainment offered in the city. The City of Angels, the city of glitz, glamour, and rock and roll, is also now becoming the city of casino parties.

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Casino Party Rentals Becoming All the Rage in LA