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Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2022

Top Songs to Listen to When Traveling

How often do you travel and wish you had some great tunes to accompany you? Music has always played a big role in people’s lives. Some enjoy listening to both new and old songs. Here is an index for the top songs to listen to when traveling.

“Love Me Like You Used To Do” by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is known for her powerful voice.  Boyz 11 men are famous for their incredible dance moves. This song combines the two into a truly amazing combination. Their voices blend perfectly throughout the entire song creating a very emotional sound.

“Breathe” by Adele

If anyone can sing about being lost and alone with his/her heart then it would be Adele. She sings about the pain she went through after losing someone close to her to play Australian online casino game with. As well as the strength it took for her to get back up again. Her vocals are simply haunting yet at the same time, uplifting.

“The River” by Ed Sheeran

While writing this song, he found himself thinking about the importance of the river. Whether it be literal or figurative, it’s there for us to use as a guide. A reminder of our past and what we once possessed. As humans, we tend to think that we need to go forward and progress. At some moments, all we need is to look back.

“Sunrise” by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is one of the greatest rock bands in history. I love them because they take me through different stages of my life. From their early work like The Dark Side Of The Moon, right up until Comfortably Numb. They are such a huge influence and inspiration in music as well as art across the globe.

“The Way We Were” by Barbra Streisand

This song is one of those classic romantic love songs. However, It could also be about finding yourself, finding your purpose in life, or even just being grateful for what you have. This is a beautiful song that will remind you of all the good times you’ve had together.


These are some of the best songs to entertain you when traveling. A good selection of travel songs from around the world. These types of songs can be majestic to listen to as you play sa casino games. You can even make them background songs for your casino games.

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Top Songs to Listen to When Traveling